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Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing Services based out of Charlotte, NC 



Employees are the foundation of every company.  Without employees feeling engaged in their work, performance declines.  Tailored Human Resources Services, LLC touches on all areas of Human Resources and realizes that your employees are your organization's human capital.  


Tailored HR Services not only helps your company meet its legal and reporting obligations, but also believes in strong performance management and clear goals and objectives for employees.  Employee turnover can be expensive as not only skills and experience are lost, but the cost to rehire and train are also factors as well as employee morale for those left behind.  Strong performance management is key in retaining talent as well as having the right documentation when the job-fit just isn't right.  Let us assist you with the entire employment cycle from recruiting, to onboarding, to performance management and evaluations, to compensation plans, to succession planning.  


Below are just some of the services we offer, and of course we want to tailor the building blocks of your success to your company's  human resources outsourcing and consulting needs in Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities.  



Employment Law Compliance



  • Conduct an initial audit to learn about the company and to evaluate whether the company is meeting its reporting requirements, record keeping requirements, and compliance with various acts such as the FLSA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act, the Civil Rights Act, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, etc. 


  • Provide written recommendations on where enhancements are needed and company HR deficiencies exist.


  • Set up policies and procedures for the company to maintain compliance with Federal and State laws.


  • Assist wth EEO investigations; provide guidance on progressive discipline; and facilitate how to effectively handle terminations.  


  • Provide guidance and set up procedures to help avoid costly lawsuits such as discrimination and sexual harassment. 





  • Creating job descriptions and posting job openings on company website and external job boards.


  • Resume review and applicant tracking.


  • Phone screens, personal interviews, scheduling interviews with management, or any combination of the above.


  • Conduct background checks to include any of the following: references, criminal, credit, etc.


  • Assist with creating a sound offer letter template with appropriate disclaimers and wording.



Performance Management



  • Create templates for performance evaluations; train management on how to properly complete performance evaluations; and assist with the management of the annual performance review process. 


  • Provide guidance on how to properly terminate and/or layoff employees. 


  • Provide guidance on how to reward and incentivize employees.


  • Conduct internal and external pay equity audits for compensation plans.  Ensure Equal Pay Act compliance. 


  • Conduct job evaluations and create job descriptions meeting ADA requirements.

Tailored Human Resources Services



  • Now that you know what Tailored HR Services can do for you, let us know what you think your business needs or what employee relations issues you are experiencing.


  • Are your employees leaving and going to the competition?  Is your attrition rate high? Are you not finding the right kinds of candidates to meet your recruiting needs?


  • Do your employees continually come in late to work?  Is their performance substandard?  Do some employees not get along? 


Tailored HR Services, LLC has experience addressing all of these types of issues and more. Let us know if we can be of assistance! 




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