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About Human Resources Consulting & Outsourcing Services


As your business grows, so do employee relations issues.



Don't fall behind on addressing Human Resource issues, it can be a costly mistake.

Most businesses, understandably, need to focus on growing the business as well as their general operations.  They have probably been doing this portion of the business model quite well if they are still in business.  However, managers of small and mid-sized businesses with their varied responsibilities probably have little idea as to what they have been doing wrong.  This may be fine for awhile, but it can eventually catch up.  Unfortunately with the many benefits of growth, exposure and liability risk also increase.  The reality is that defending discrimination or other employment lawsuits is expensive.  Defending a case through discovery and a ruling on a motion for summary judgement can cost an employer between $75,000 and $125,000.  If an employer loses summary judgement, the employer can expect to spend a total of $175,000 to $250,000 to take a case to a jury verdict at trial.  Hiring a dedicated Human Resources Consultant seems inexpensive compared to such scenarios, not to mention having to consult an attorney for issues that HR Professionals have experience dealing with on a daily basis.


Tailord HR Services, LLC can help your business avoid possible litigation and fines from Federal and State agencies.  Additionally, with growth, employees expect to have more formal policies and procedures in place.  Establishing more formal guidelines with the assistance of Tailored HR Services, LLC will also help your business run more smoothly. 


The owner and lead consultant, Marie Timney, has over 18 years of Corporate Human Resources experience in the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies; holds an undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Florida; holds an MBA with a major in Human Resources from Georgia State University; and is an active member of SHRM.  Tailored HR Services, LLC, holds liability insurance up to $1 million dollars and provides Charlotte, NC local small to mid-sized businesses human resources consulting and outsourcing services they can rely upon.  Let our company do what we've done for other businesses!

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